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Andy from Gig Town and Clint from 101.5 Hey! We didn't say it about ourselves: Listen to Andy Altman from Gig Town and Clint from 101.5 KGB FM Give their thumbs up to The Boo Hoo Crew. Andy has created a great app for finding local music for any occasion. I'd download the Gig Town app from your local app store today. 3.73 MB
Super Hero, now playing on 98.9 KUTX in  Austin, TX and WXPN-FM in Philadelphia, PA
Praise for Super Hero Well, I love the “Super Hero” CD. This Wednesday our Librarian will visit, and I plan to play “Turn the Page” then. I encourage kids to call & recommend a good book, so you can imagine how delighted I am to have a song that fits so perfectly. And “Tea Set” has already spawned a set for an upcoming Kindie Music Party (my Monday music show.). Thanks a lot for sending me the CDs. I look forward to playing Boo Hoo Crew on Kids Corner! - Kathy O'Connell, Host/Producer, Kids Corner WXPN-FM


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The Boo Hoo Crew
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Super Hero is the #1 Album


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Vista Press covers Vista Library's Celebration of Arts 

If you look over the right shoulder of the crown maker you'll see Greg & Steph getting ready to 
"Boo Hoo Boogie". Any press is great press and we loved being at the event that day, even if it
did rain a little. Below is an excerpt from the article. You can read more by clicking on the Vista Press logo.
#boohoocrew, #notrainedout, #vistalibrary, #celebrateart


 EARLY REVIEW of "Super Hero" from England: An early copy of "Super Hero" was sent to a fan in England as part of the buzz-making pre-release marketing we do 

Her review of the CD came back to me today. 

The CD is awesome.  It does absolutely rock.  It's amazing because normally as a parent you are playing your kids music in the car and you get REALLY tired of it.  Not with this music.  You can actually rock out with your kids and enjoy it. Then, the songs get stuck in your head and you normally catch yourself humming them during the day, embarrassed.  With this CD, especially, you can go around humming the music and ...that's okay. I particularly like Turn the Page, Tea Set, and Teddy Bear March. The hit with the kids was Pirate Girls and Karate Tickle.  They love the songs that they can really dance too, which is another reason why this CD is great (and generally most of your songs).  You can always get a good dance going.  - Kristin & Jon Rance (check out Jon's (for adults) books on Amazon "This Thirtysomething Life")


You thought May was about Mama?  

This March, "Mama Knows Best" is coming out as the single of the month. Sweet & Bluesy with a guest appearance be Ernie LeDuc Sr. Yes, our bass players dad. Check it out on March 17th, 2015

February just wants to go home 

Hmmmm...The looks on your faces when you hear this one. "I think it's a kids song but it doesn't sound like a kids song. :-) "  This is a song about the first time your child has to go somewhere like school without you. The good news, by the end of the song, just like the end of the outing the boy or girl just won't wanna go home. This is a loud and fast song. Think Green Day, Foo Fighters, Andrew W.K., etc.. Best to rock this one out. February, 24th, 2015

Join the group, get the Backstage Pass 

Where can you find freebies, chord & lyric sheets, invitations to secret shows? In the group. Join. Buy up to the "Backstage Pass" 
take advantage of all sorts of goodies in San Diego county. See you in the group! Click the pic to go to the group. 

Lots of full band shows coming up! 

Macy's Museum Month in February.  #Macys
La Mirada Library, YMCA Encinitas, & The Carlsbad Junior 5k in March.  #YMCA, #Carlsbad5000
Ladybug Festival in April,  #Botanicgardens
San Diego Model Railroad Museum in May, #modelrailroads

Lot's of great fun times ahead. We hope you'll join us!

Interactive Book 

Fund the hardback book of "Creature in the Sea"
& Rewards are to be had! 

This isn't just funding the hardback book of
so you can have pride in helping out.
This is about all the pride but also about getting rewards
and a 
copy of the real thing when it's complete. 

The Digital E-Book is available now but we're dying 
to get out the hardback copy that comes with the free song!

Please check out a preview of the book below. 
Visit the "Books" Page
Donate the cause
Receive the rewards!

3rd Annual Secret Shhhh......ow & Easter Egg Hunt


An incredible THANK YOU to all of you that came out to the show. It was certainly not kept a secret. smile emoticon Thank you to Valley Christian School for letting us host it there. Thanks to our awesome friends Tumble Gym Bus, Ritas, Chick Fil A, Ryan Bros. Coffee, Pigtails & Crewcuts, Gaslamp Popcorn & Clif Kid. And thank you to all those 8th Grade students that helped this be more than a successful event. It was epic. See ya next year.

"Mama Knows Best" - Out Now!


Secret Shhh....ow

It's a Secret

Join the Facebook Group to find out where. www.facebook.com/groups/boohoocrew. We do secret shows a lot but they're only listed in the group. They do always have an admission price but it's waived if you own a Backstage Pass. You can buy your backstage pass in our store.


It's a Pirate Party!

Encinitas Library, 540 Cornish, Encinitas, CA

Every year we celebrate Pirate Week from whenever we want until September 19th which is "International Talk Like A Pirate Day". This year we kick it off on Sept. 12 with our 3rd Annual Pirate Party! Join us for a jolly good time.



Clint on KSON 97.3

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