Our Story

The Boo Hoo Crew was starting to form in the winter of 2011 after Clint had self-published a kids book called "Pack Rat Pat, Don't Take That!" He went to a few local libraries and read it to the kids but ended up playing a few kids songs to go along with it. One thing led to another and, without really realizing it, the next thing you know Clint is fronting a band of parents playing original kids tunes: Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew. 

We've since evolved our name into just "The Boo Hoo Crew" or "The BHC" as our music has progressed into a more "mature" style. We want parents to rock out too, but to know, with certainty, that the words are safe for everyone. The biggest compliment we get is when a mom says, "i drove all the way to work the other day, had your CD on, and didn't even realize I was listening to my kids music."

We've done, at least 450 shows in San Diego. Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura and Riverside Counties since we officially formed in the Spring of 2011, including LEGOLAND, Theatricum Botanicum, Quail Botanical Gardens Family Fun Nights, The San Diego County Library’s Annual Book Festival, The New San Diego Children’s Museum’s New Year’s Bash, Rady Children's Hospital, Energy 103.7 Kid's Crane, Pasadena's Kidspace for Noon Year's Eve, Rubio's Coast Fest, San Diego Model Railroad Museum, and a lot more!

With songs like “Rocket Ship”, "Vroom”, "Shake Your Pirate Booty" and “Karate Tickle” you’ll see why we've had a couple top sellers on CD Baby, and Editor's & Staff Picks, have won a Parents' Choice Award, and been one of the top, if not #1 Kids Band, on ReverbNation for 2 years now. We'll have you and your kids picking animals out of a “barn”, doing the “pirate jig”, screaming “aeiou” at the top of your lungs and more. But in all that fun we do try teach great lessons, with socially responsible songs like "Super Hero", “Reduce and Reuse" or "Pirate Booty Too". We do our best to invigorate imagination with songs like “Submarine”, “Hoo Hoo” or “Teddy Bear March”. We educate with songs like “AEIOU”, “Creature In The Sea”, “Triangle, Square, A Ring” and more, but we figure, if you’re gonna do it, why not ROCK IT! We don’t sit down and you won’t either!


After living up north for 6 years, Ernie has returned home to San Diego with his beautiful wife Lindsey and currently works as a restaurant manager and technical editor. He began playing bass as a teenager in church and by his early 20's was playing professionally around San Diego--Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Blues, and a little Rock. At the age of 25 he ended his career in music to simplify life and moved to Orange County to help out a friend. He later moved to the Portland, OR area where he met Lindsey and got engaged.

Now he's found his way into the CREW thanks to a little luck and a bit of good fortune, taking him in to North County Guitar Specialists. We are more than thrilled to have his good demeanor, fun smile, enthusiastic approach to music and downright amazing chops in The Boo Hoo Crew.


Steve plays both piano and bass and in the instances where Ernie can't make it to a show Steve takes over on bass. Look for Steve a lot more on piano in the years to come. We're excited to have him in the BHC.


Oceanside, CA resident, Husband of 19 years, father of three boys, stay-at-home dad, business owner, and musician has found opportunity in the fact that all parents are searching for meaningful ways to engage, motivate and interact with their children. Clint’s natural creativity and musical background, balanced by his wife’s educational training, has created a perfect partnership for developing practical, parental resources. While Clint’s focus is family integration through books, characters, and children’s songs, he still applies the same kind of catchy and memorable rhymes he used in the adoption book he wrote almost seven years ago to The Boo Hoo Crew’s music and his first children’s book “Pack Rat Pat, Don’t Take That!” His music and storytelling is simply the result of this dad’s imagination and determination to make raising his three young, back-to-back-to-back, sons a little easier. 

Clint is proudly endorsed by WBGear & Larrivee Guitars


Married to Clint for 19 years, Stephanie has heard it all. When asked what it's like having Clint around all day she replied, "It's like having 4 boys at home. He's sillier than the other 3!" 

Stephanie is a veteran teacher with experience teaching math & history to high school and middle school classes at Santa Fe Christian School, The Classical Academy & Valley Christian School in San Marcos, CA (currently).


The youngest of the CREW, Greg may very well be the most experienced live player in it. Traveling the world played to crowds as small as 10 and as big as 10,000, Greg brings excellent drumming skills to the band. We are very excited to have him throw his influences and style into the CREW mix.